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Life in my sHEAD

News from my sHEAD.... I have a day cleared, so that's time taken care of. I have tidied my shed, so that's space taken care of. The big one is how do I clear my head?

I find every job I shouldn't be doing, unfinished projects, writing emails and even housework, yes even housework. Can't believe I just admitted to that but, yes, I found doing dusting and vacuuming even more attractive than starting a new project.

What is it about a blank sheet of paper, a fresh piece of fabric, a clear canvas which is so terrifying? So rather than embarking on the piece of work I know I should be starting I am really busy blogging!!!!

Well that's my excuse, When I asked a textile artist how she priced her work and time she explained that once she had started it was no time at all to finish but it was the thinking time which was so costly.

I need to do something inane to be able to process my thoughts so washing up, gardening, tidying and even ironing all helps.

I am supposed to be working on my hanging so now all the jobs are completed I'd better make a start, wish me luck!!! I'll keep you posted on the progress.

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