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Dyeing with an 'e'!!

Funny thing happened the other day, I was in my garden eco-printing my latest batch of scarves when the phone rang. Dashing to answer it the person on the other end asked if he had interrupted me as I sounded out of breath. 'Oh sorry', I replied 'I'm busy dyeing' the somewhat shocked sales person wasn't sure what to say so he apologised and said he wouldn't bother me again!! Little did he realise it was dyeing with an 'e'!!! Well that's one way to get rid of cold callers!!

What with the new shop opening and getting over enthusiastic about eco-dyeing and printing I have neglected to blog about it! I have become hooked on the whole process of eco-dyeing and printing. I know a lot of you will be saying 'What, I did this 30 years ago'! But, I didn't and am finding the whole thing very exciting. I think it's because each time I am unsure what will be revealed when the bundles of leaves are unwrapped. It's a fascinating procedure and the more I read about it the more there is to learn. I have always been excited by new things therefore this seems to suit my personality. The scarves and reinvented clothes are for sale in my new shop and on-line. Hope you enjoy them.

Each scarf or garment is individual and naturally dyed and printed using leaves, berries and other plant material gathered from around my home and studio in Herefordshire.

If you have a special memory of a walk, a garden or plant and you would like to gather the leaves for me to make into a scarf or item of clothing just contact me to discuss details.

I can use lace, buttons pieces of garments to add to the reinvented new textile. This could be a cushion cover, wall hanging, as well as a scarf or t.shirt.

For more details email me at

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