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Getting back on track

How to get yourself back on track? It's been a busy 2 weeks preparing and exhibiting at Herefordshire's h.Art, managed by Brightstripe.

Things I learnt: What I like to make isn't necessarily what people like to buy!!

I love dirty chia, thanks Michaela for introducing me to that very wicked drink at Oscar's cafe, The HOPE Centre, Bromyard where we were exhibiting.

Display is important. It was only at the end of the exhibition I got the hang of this so I have now ordered a special small display stand from Luminati for my cards. Just throwing them in a basket and hoping people will be enticed to rummage through is not the answer!

There are sooooo many creative people in Herefordshire. Over the 9 days I met some incredibly talented and interesting people. One of those incredibly talented people, I am proud to say, is my sister, Fiona Potter who sold out at the exhibition. Refresh your memory of Fiona by reading my blog on her shedio.

My Memory Catcher captured lots of memories over the exhibition with people talking mainly about textiles, the beautiful Herefordshire countryside and families. This textile has now found it's final resting place (well for now anyway!) at the window, the top on my stairs.

So what now? How do other artists manage to come down from the high of an exhibition and

get back on track?

I've decided I flit about too much and need to find a groove and sit in it for a while. The problem is I love discovering new things, so sticking with one idea and seeing it through and developing it could prove problem-some.

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