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Finding space to create - The kitchen table

Where do you find space to create?

I have one brother and two sisters all of them have boys. I myself have 3 lads, we live within walking distance of each other, in fact my brother lives next door, so the house has always been full of someone's children.

Finding space to create both in my head and my home has always been difficult so the kitchen table became my space. It has always been the centre of our home, when my lads were younger meals would be eaten amongst the paint pots, crayons and glue pots.

The sewing machine would sit precariously at one end while we ate and then after the meal the making would resume. Matching holiday shorts and shirts for all the family made out of Disney Goofey fabric, yes that included myself, wish I could find the photos!!

Now, although I have a fantastic shed in the garden, the kitchen table is still littered with pencils, pattern making paper, fabric and there is even an old Singer Sewing machine sitting at the end of the table!!! The kitchen table has many memories including I studied for my B.Ed degree on the kitchen table and passed with a first class honours. There are vivid memories of two Jehovah Witness ladies sitting mesmerised trying to talk to me about the bible while I kneaded pizza dough rolled it out on the table and made vast quantities of pizzas. Eventually they cottoned on to the fact that I wasn't really listening and left!!

Finding just a small place to be able to create in is important. Roald Dahl had a shed in his garden where he would go every day, pull the curtains and make a kind of cocoon and write.

So where do you find space to create?

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