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Are you too afraid to make art?

Why are we afraid of making art? After a break from making art I find myself hesitating to start creating again. I thought this was just something I was feeling but talking to other artists I realise it's a fear so many of us struggle with. There's even a little book all about this constraining phenomena, 'Art and Fear' by David Bayles and Ted Orland.

What is it that we are so afraid of? Is it that we will fail and what is it we are going to fail at? Having just finished my City and Guilds where design was a big part of the course I find this pre-creation closes down my creativity. Building up a picture in my head also builds the fear then I'm too afraid to even start, afraid it won't flow, afraid it won't be as perfect as I have imagined it or designed it.

Moral of the story, just get on with it, as Bayles and Orland say it's never going to be be Mozart so I just have to get on with it. If I don't create I'll never know what I'm capable of. Yes, I'm going to have to work hard at my art, it doesn't come naturally.

My favourite part of the book, Art and Fear is when the authors talk about as creative people we realise there is something missing from the world we are in and how making art is to contribute something new to the world. To make your place in the world by making part of it. I like this thought, a lot of my work is about capturing old and making new memories so I'd better stop writing about it and start creating or there will be no new memories!!

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