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Introducing exciting new partnership

It's not good to have severe vertigo when visiting Peru! This is where I met Anabel Sanabria.

In Peru first there are the bridges across ravines and then there are the multiple archaeological sites which drip off vertical sides of humongously high mountains.

If this is your problem too then you'll definately need Anabel Sanabria, one of the wonderful tour guides on my textile tour to Peru.

Anabel is an enormously generous person, she took my arm and guided me over Machu Picchu keeping me at a safe distance from the edge just in case I was overcome with the desire to throw myself over the cliffs.

As you can see by this photo, been there, done that, got the T.Shirt!!

Not only a skilled tour guide but more importantly an extremely talented textile artist. Anabel's speciality is hand embroidery which enabled her to win third prize in a national competition. Next blog all about Anabel, her work and her shed.

#Peru #MachuPicchu #embroidery

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