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Shedio Artist Fiona Potter

Fiona Potter - Artist

What on earth is a Shedio and what happens in there?

Fiona has what she likes to call a shedio, not quite a studio but oh so much more than a shed!!

Struggling to find space for her artists easel, canvases and multiple tubes of oil paint in the dining room Fiona bought a second hand shed. I asked Fiona what difference the shedio has made to her work? Not having to clear away each meal time to eat at the table was one obvious difference and the smell of oils paints merging with the stew was another. She says she loves having her own space where she can leave paintings to dry without fear of spaghetti sticking to them.

With no formal teaching apart from an evening class in her early 20's, Fiona is self-taught. She struggles with Hypothyroidism which leaves her feeling tired most of the time. So how does she overcome this and manage to be creative? Fiona tells me her love of nature has really helped 'I thought that my creativity had gone and I had to find something to hold onto, to think about what I wanted to paint. As a Plein Air artist she tries to capture the essence of nature on canvas by situating herself outside where she paints rapidly absorbing the atmosphere. Back in her Shedio Fiona puts finishing touches to the canvas.

Fiona is currently working on a series of paintings which will be for sale during the h.Art exhibition in September.

Fiona also works with people who have dementia and anxiety issues. She has found that she can communicate and connect with people through art. Still Life is important and her sessions starts by talking about the Still Life. The people with dementia will talk about the here and now. She has been astounded by how many people in their 80's and 90's have never picked up a pencil since their school days. Fiona is also interested in the amazing watercolours people produce and how they are always so proud of their achievements. Sadly some of the care home residents she works with only leave their room for her sessions.

Biggest challenge is to find time for herself to paint while trying to develop her business.

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