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New Beginnings

So today is the day, this is when I start my new blog. What’s it all about, space to create!!! Where are you at your most creative? I find that time just before I go to sleep, the house is finally quiet, it’s dark, I’m relaxed then…….the thoughts, ideas, dreams all start rushing in and, yes, you’ve guessed it, 2 hours later I’m still thinking and not sleeping. So it got me thinking where are you most creative?

Prepared to be amazed at what’s going on in garden sheds these days! Gone are the times of the male only ‘escape to the shed to sharpen tools and catch up on a few zzzzz’s’!! Anything and everything from knitting and nattering to stitching and bitching to potting and plotting, now happens in the shed at the bottom of the garden. This got me thinking, ‘Why aren’t I doing it?, whatever that “doing it” is? So, I’ve decided to give it a go and you are right now with me at the start of my journey, after all, just how hard can it be? Take this blog, the guy on the radio assured me 20 mins tops and I’d be up and running, well three weeks later and a lot of help from my nephew who is doing a degree in computing and finally here I am.

My blog is about testing the market for my new business, sHeadspace. I wonder how many creative people you’ve heard say they’ve hit the blank page or canvas, their creative flow has dried up. The picture of the shed is the one I currently have in my garden and over the next few weeks and months (depending on how quickly I can get my son to build the new one) I will be making the transition from garden shed to creative sHead. This is also part of a transition from working full time to stepping back and into a more creative next phase of my life.

Today I have attempted to empty the shed, amongst the numerous tins of varnish, paint, broken spades, abandoned bike frames – from one of my sons who left home years ago – I found a spider so big it looked as if it had feelings so I had to let it go! There’s just no way I can share a space with something which might creep up on me and dangle precariously over my shoulder, so I left the door open and I watched as it made it’s own way into the big wide world of the garden. As you will see by this photo I failed to empty it totally, without a shed just where do you put watering cans, pieces of wood you know you’ll need at some point in your life and garden rakes?

Anyway I’ve made a start and a start on this blog. So watch this sHeadspace!

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