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All you ever wanted was space to create

sHeadspace is about finding a space in your head and shed to create.

You long for a space of your own, somewhere to sit quietly and create. So you go to the great expense of buying a garden workshop, then this happens. It happens to so many of us, we start out with good intentions then end up with a shed full of everything!!

Now before you can create you have to spend precious time clearing a space.

Space to create is important, physical and mental space. I’m one of those people who has to have ‘done the jobs’ before I can sit down to create. If I know there is a report to write, the washing to be done or countless other jobs then I simply can’t settle to create. How do we know what is procrastinating and what is simply clearing a space? I often find the mundane chores start the thinking process, I can be mulling things over in my head while doing the washing up. It’s doing something with my hands while I’m thinking which helps.

Remember sHeadspace is about finding your space... in your head and shed to create.

Start to take note of what gets you to a place where you can create, one author described how he would light a fire and simply stare into the flames. In The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron talks about writing four A4 pages every day. Maybe it will be the discipline of the 5 minute sketch, 4 pages of writing, singing the scales or stitching a piece of work every morning which will unlock your creativity. Who knows but it will be exciting to find out.

Whatever you do don’t let your head or your shed become a clutter, no-one can think or work productively when your space is full.

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