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Well something is being built in my garden

Well the frame is up, at least it was when I took this picture! I come home from work and the frame is up, then I come home the next day and it’s been taken down for adjustments!! Ah just need the walls, windows and doors then it will be a proper shed. I’ve been thinking about lighting and heating, as it’s going to be mainly used for sewing and textiles I thought tiles would be easy to sweep up the threads. Decided on underfloor heating and spot lights so I can focus them directly over where I will be sewing. The back wall will be storage, I have quite a number of jars for my buttons so will need racks for them. Oh and I daren’t even begin to tell you how many spools of thread I have, not sure where they all come from!

So, what am I going to create in my shed. Firstly I need to start creating in my head, colours, textures putting them altogether. I’ve finished reading Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and am now onto The Artist’s Way. Mihaly really made me think about the creative flow, how to get a work/life balance and the great importance of bringing that creative flow into your workplace.

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