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The new playhouse

If you look carefully you will see Noah’s tractor in the garden loaded with weeds waiting to be parked in the ‘playhouse’.

Grandson Noah, ‘Granny Sheenagh, when will my new playhouse be ready’?

Me, ‘What playhouse’?

Grandson Noah, ‘The one daddy is making in your garden’

I haven’t the heart to tell him (as he is busy putting his toys into a box to take out to the beginnings of the new shed) it’s my playhouse or rather my new textile studio!! I’m sure I’ll be able to find him a small, and I do mean small, corner to put a box of lego!!

The whole idea of the new studio/shed is that I am able to gather everything from the attic, cellar and spare bedroom into one space. Or failing being able to get it all into the new shed maybe I’ll let the husband move in there and I’ll have the house!!!

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