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Getting somewhere

Ha, finally the shed has come down and there is some action!!!! This might, and I do use that word ‘might’ loosely mean that I will be getting a shed after all!

Interesting textile workshop with Angie Hughes at the weekend, discussion around the table was who had a shed/workshop/room/kitchen table. Some like to be part of the house, hearing the hustle and bustle of family life, others like the quiet and space. I have to admit after a silent retreat recently I am enoying quiet more and more. I actually found it gave me space in my head to think and it provoked some interesting creative processes. On returning to normal life it was like standing infront of a fast moving train waiting for the crash, I felt overwhelmed by the noise and speed of everything. The silence made me realise what a noisy, busy, chaotic life I lead, radio constantly on, music, TV, tablets, phones, people demanding my time and energy. In fact it was overload and I had to take myself off early in the morning for a walk just to touch base with the peace within.

So this brings up a question, what do you need to create? Is it thought provoking music, walking, sitting quietly? I remember listening to one author who said he had a routine of taking himself off to a room, lighting a fire and then staring endlessly into the flames. In this busy, noisy, chaotic world do we leave enough space to allow creativity to thrive? I’d be intersted to hear from you.

Wow there is actually a concrete pad now so maybe it will really happen. Not sure what to make of the skull on the neighbours house wall, still as the neighbour is my brother hopefully he wont mind!!

I am looking for people to interview to find out what exactly is going on in sheds. So if you have en interesting story let me know...

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