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A Conscious Approach to Textile Design

Time to create, time to think, time 'to be'.

I'm Sheenagh and I started sHEADspace in February 2016 from my shed in beautiful Bromyard, Herefordshire, England. 

Having taken a step back from my work in the charitable sector, I wanted to make space for myself to embark on a more creative next phase of life, and that got me thinking! Where and how do people make space to create? Making the physical space was the easy part, well relatively easy when it's your son building the shed!  But as I am discovering making time and space in your head to be creative is not that simple.  

sHEADspace is about my journey in discovering just what it takes to be creative. 


You can read about the journey of my own shed from garden shed to sHEADspace on the blog, follow my interviews with other secret shed creatives, explore and purchase my own textile creations and share your own experiences of making shed space,  head space and sHEADspace! 


Thanks for popping by! 



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